Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Savvy Savag

A new addition to Monk House Design's range of shoes, we'd love to introduce you to Savag. Made in Melbourne, these gorgeous leather lovelies are reminiscent of the classic dance shoe and are available in black patent leather and silver (above) as well as six other colours which can be made to order. Oh, and they're unisex... time to bring the boys in!


georgia said...

hello lovelies, i feel like i'm really missing out here..

these shoes are beautiful!

Monk House Design said...

Hi Sweetie!! It is YOU who is being missed! We hope you are having a fantastic time.. and as for the shoes, well, they can be made to order! (Insert sigh of relief here!) As you know we having many new treats arriving ALL THE TIME! By the time you're back, you'll be spoiled for choice.. anyhoo.. stop complaining.. you're in INDIA! Bring back goodies.

xx J & R