Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No ordinary art

Third Drawer Down is not your ordinary art... nor your ordinary tea towel! By combining the two, Third Drawer Down brings art in to your everyday life. We currently have these beautiful limited edition tea towels at Monk House Design. Don't be subtle, buy one for that special someone in your life who never does the dishes!!

Above, 'Hairy Lady' by Swedish artist Camilla Engman and below 'Eastern Bloc Swimsuit' by Australian artist Emma Magenta.
'Crumbs In Beard' by Australian artist Katherine Brickman:
Remember Letraset? Remember slaving away over giant poster projects during Primary school, worried about your hideous handwriting? Remember when the trusty transfer fonts came to your rescue, only to expose your hideous spelling? Perhaps that was just me......
Well, should you have a desire to re-live your childhood, Third Drawer Down have created Decalart Mania! All the fun of a Letraset transfer, the beauty of Kat Macleod and Camilla Engman's illustrations and the practicality of domestic art. Rubs onto almost any surface, paper, wood, metal, acrylic, ceramic, mirrors, glass, tiles, walls, furniture... you name it! A great way to add a little somethin' somethin' to any object in your house.

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