Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Third Drawer Down have expanded their domestic art range and created the ultimate must-have item at Monk House Design; Emma Magenta and Kat Macleod limited edition plates! Beautifully packaged in simple pine boxes, each plate is signed and each edition is numbered. They're so gorgeous you'll want to lick your plate clean after each meal, but I suggest you keep your manners and hang these ceramic plates!
Above: Kat Macleod 'Blessed' Ceramic Plate.
Below: Emma Magenta 'She Danced' Ceramic Plate and it's pine box.
Below, below: Limited edition details on the back of 'Blessed'


Anonymous said...

oh.. how come i can't see YOUR designs here? i want to see a picture of of your dresses which my friend just bought and yet all i can see are products from other designers...
this is no time for modesty! cloths too please!

Monk House Design said...

Haha! Thank you for your prompting, I will definitely post more of the Monk House range. We are planning on setting up an ENTIRE website for the Monk House label soon, but for now our website and blog are dedicated to the shop. It seems we've worked in reverse, hey?
Watch this space.. I'll be posting very soon.