Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monk House - Nip Tuck

Now I know we are almost at the end of the Spring/Summer season, but just in case you haven't been into Monk House Design... here is our house label, Monk House!
Influenced by the tucks and folds to enhance one's shape (รก la plastic surgery!) the Nip/Tuck range truly molds a fabulous shape from every body. The range is currently on sale, so stop hesitating... come into Monk House Design today.

Above left; Nip Tuck top with Nip Tuck skirt.
Above right; Nip Tuck dress over Hip Hop Scoop tee.
Below left; Pinafore over Hip Hop Scoop tee. Below right; Pinafore from back.
Above right; Black Hoodie over Hip Hop Scoop dress.
Above left; Hip Hop Scoop dress
Below; Hip Hop Scoop dress from back.

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